Dana is an analytics-driven consultant passionate about productivity, client satisfaction, and vegetarian restaurants.

What I'm proud of

Image of Crafting

The Art of Crafting - NYC meetup

An application designed to generate donation-based holiday wish lists to be emailed to your friends and family.


Meetup, craft supplies, humans
Image of Crafting


My passion projects since childhood have always been in the arts & crafts space. Here's a few do-dads I'm most proud of.


Knitting needles, yarn, embroidery thread, acrylic paints, pencil
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A goal setting application that allows for users to select from existing, proven goal plans, published by experts in their fields. Users can also sort tasks among their goals by different parameters to allow for progress on any goal at any spare moment. Website built, mobile version prototyped.


React, PHP, Postman, NodeJS, Knack and Squarespace (for prototyping)
NYC Reports

NYC Reports

Tabulated reviews of shows, workouts, eateries, and adventures.


Google Sheets

I am an experienced data analyst, project manager, and web developer seeking a team where I can directly contribute to creating thoughtful solutions for awesome clients. Throughout my career, I have utilized my ambiverted and highly analytical nature in identifying problems, advocating for clients, and designing thoughtful solutions.

My interest in coding and affinity for learning have expanded my creative and analytical toolkit and have brought me into the field of consulting and client satisfaction. Consulting has captured my passions for gathering requirements, architecting solutions, and building authentic connections. I work best on a team where learning and growth are core values.

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